OSI Model

The Open Systems Interconnection Model (i.e. OSI Model) is a standard reference model for connecting computers on a network. It divides network protocol design and communications into seven different layers. Each layer in the model is designed to provide services to the layer above it. However perfect the OSI Model seems, it has been questioned and compared with other existing models. Looking into the OSI Model Since each layer in this model serves a purpose for the layer above it, it would be interesting how each layer interacts with the next one in the upper tier. Here are the seven

Clear ARP Cache

Address Resolution Protocol (also known as ARP) is one of the effective ways for searching the address of a host’s hardware. This is commonly applied by computer users who only see the Network Layer and Internet Layer address of the host. Some computer experts refer to ARP as Internet Standard STD 37 as defined in Request for Comments 826. This method is implemented in different types of computer networks like the Internet as well as Ethernet. How do I clear the ARP cache? It is important to clear the cache because it can affect the functions of Microsoft Windows as

Setting Up Home Wireless Network

Home wireless networks have a vast array of benefits: you can share files between computers and with your family members, share printers throughout your house, and best of all – browse the internet whether you’re laying in your bed or sitting out in the backyard. Many internet users enjoy the extreme freedom that a home wireless network provides, as well as the convenience. However, it may seem extremely difficult to get such a project underway… The first and most important part of the process is choosing the proper equipment. There are a number of different wireless types: 802.11a, 802.11b and

Storage Area Network

A highly efficient computer network that is very effective in data management, a storage area network (also known as SAN) is widely used architecture in large companies and institutions. This computer system is very reliable and efficient in monitoring the operations and activities of corporations, but some firms do not employ the network because it is expensive. Companies that use this network commonly implement the Small Computer System Interface or SCSI protocol to establish connection between disk drive devices as well as servers. The protocol is very useful in forming any network like Fibre Channel over Ethernet and HyperSCSI. To

Disable Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as Windows Messenger) can often be distracting in work/school environments. The instructions below will help you disable Windows Live Messenger (by removing the ability to use it, while still having the setup files installed on your computer). System Requirements Windows XP or later Instructions to Disable Windows Live Messenger Launch the Start menu by either pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or clicking on the windows icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Open the “Run…” utility if you are using XP. If you are using Windows Vista/7, use the quick search to

Change Hotmail Password

Passwords are very important to secure the identity of computer users. These are commonly featured in email services offered by different websites and search engines. One of the most popular sites that provide email messaging free is MSN. For the security of people who will use this service, MSN allows them to assign passwords in their email accounts. To avoid security breach, individuals who use MSN Hotmail service can change their passwords regularly. They can also change their passwords because they have forgotten their old passwords. How do I change my Hotmail password? Changing your password at hotmail is very

Trojan Horse Virus

Knowing what a Trojan Horse virus is needs to be learned by all computer users. It can spell the difference between keeping your data safe or losing it all. What it Does For starters, the name is actually a misnomer since it is not actually a virus. It is a malware. When installed it a computer, it appears harmless. It might even appear to be doing something helpful. But in truth the malware has hidden codes. These are programmed by its author and are activated at a predetermined date. When it kicks in, the author will gain access to your

You might have called your ISP’s tech support and got help over the phone at one time or another. If you have done this a few times, one time or another they would have open a command prompt and type a series of numbers like After which you’ll find a bunch of results, which most likely you wouldn’t have understood then since your mind was on your Internet connection and not on the troubleshooting being done. We will define what is in the discussion below. We will also go over some computer networking basics so that beginners may

Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

When using Microsoft Outlook, the message Error Number: 0x800CCC0E may appear. There are several possible reasons. These are outlined below along with the possible solutions and workarounds. Conflict with SMTP The most common reason is a conflict between Outlook and the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). You’ll know it is the cause when the error message is accompanied by others. The additional messages may vary. The most common is the one saying the server connection failed. There will also be messages about socket errors and ports. The reason it happens is this: when you log on to MSN, Outlook doesn’t

Convert iTunes to MP3

One of the most popular digital media applications today, iTunes was introduced by Apple Inc. to computer users on the 9th day of January in 2001. One of the special features of this computer application is that people can buy merchandises and download games, applications, music videos and music at iTunes store. This application is very useful to those who want to store and play different songs and watch music videos in their laptops and personal computers. How do I convert iTunes to MP3? The steps in converting iTunes to MP3 are very easy. However, before proceeding with the conversion