As you start using computers, it’s critical that you learn the basic facts about passwords. The more you know, the more secure your files will be. Where are These Codes Used? These codes are used in every major computer activity. When you log in to Windows, you have the option of using one with your user account. Email programs and services also require that you create one of these codes. When you browse the Web, some sites require you to make a password with your account. Almost all of them will ask you to create this code along with a

Wi-Fi Software Tools

A trademark that refers to certified products that are developed by Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi is also a term that is used by computer users to refer to wireless LAN. The products are supported by numerous game consoles, smartphones, printers, laptops as well as personal computer operating systems. To enhance the use of these products, the company launched various software tools that are compatible with Wi-Fi. What are Wi-Fi software tools? These tools are very useful in establishing fast and efficient connection to the Internet. Aside from these, Wi-Fi software tools are helpful in wireless network mapping, wireless network traffic assessment,


One of the important parts of a computer network, a firewall is necessary to prevent the unauthorized access to the system. Implementing a firewall is significant to avoid security breach as well as to prevent data corruption that is usually caused by accessing harmful sites. Aside from these, it is also important to filter messages in intranets. To extend our understanding on this special and useful computer architecture, it is best to have a closer look at the functions of this appliance as well as the different kinds of firewall techniques that can be used to enhance the security features

Change IP Address

There are various reasons why people would want to change IP Addresses. It may be used to fix a network related issue. Some software may require one to have their IP addresses within a specific range of numbers. Others might want to change it for security purposes. Sometimes changing it would be required to avoid hostile software like viruses and spyware. Whatever reason, someone has already asked how can I change my IP address? Walking Through Networking Fundamentals There are a few basics one must understand before you change IP addresses. Your computer’s IP address is assigned to you from

Active Directory

One of the most helpful computer software developed by Microsoft, Active Directory (also known as NT Directory Service) offers various services that are important to data management and data security. This software was introduced in 1999 and was launched with Windows 2000 Server program. To improve the functionalities of this computer tool, Microsoft introduced the revised version of the directory with the launch of Windows Server 2003. Additional developments in the program were developed and introduced in Windows Server 2008 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2. To learn more about this program, let us have a closer glance at

Wireless Networks

A wireless network is a special and advance kind of computer network that is usually associated to telecommunications networks, which interconnections are implemented with the use of electronic waves. Many computer users prefer wireless network because it is cost efficient and the transmission of data in this network are faster than other computer networks. To make sure that the network will be compatible with the computer system to be used, it is important that the user have sufficient understanding on the different types of wireless networks. Wireless PAN What are the types of wireless networks? There are four types of

Kindle DX vs. iPad

E-book readers and other portable devices really hit the market big time. A few of the examples include the Amazon KindleDX and the Apple iPad. Each device has different feature making it unique with each other. Before you decide as to which one to purchase, let us know first the features of each device and evaluate your need and lifestyle. By doing the evaluation, one will surely get the chance to choose fro the best device for her or for him. One may have outstanding features but will not work out with the user’s need and way of living; it

Convert AVI to DVD

One of the multimedia container formats developed by Microsoft, Audio Video Interleave (also known as AVI) is launched by the computer company in November 1992. This special format was developed to support synchronous streaming of video and audio files and data that feature DVD video format. To help computer users, AVI is also suitable for file extensions created and introduced in February 1996 by Matrox OpenDML. How do I convert AVI to DVD? Converting Audio Video Interleave format to Digital Video Disc format is very easy. All you have to do is to make sure that the laptop or the

SAS 70

A company’s integrity can be helped when it is subjected to full auditing. The SAS 70 (Statement on Auditing Standard) has become the standard process by which this is done. Although the process is complex, the following is an overview of the basic facts. Auditable Companies Any number of firms can go through this process. These include the data centers and BPO (business process outsourcing). Clearing houses and other financial institutions are also included. Type I and Type II Reports The auditor evaluation can be either one of these two methods. The first or Type I contains the auditor’s evaluation


Enterprise Resource Planning (also known as ERP) refers to the approach that most corporations like to implement in order to centralize the functions of their departments in an advanced computer system. This approach is cost efficient because it consolidates all the activities of a firm in one piece of software. In addition, it is one of the important and useful tools to enhance the profits and lessen the losses incurred by companies. ERP is very advantageous and beneficial for corporations. Advantages Enterprise Resource Planning is very essential to enhance corporate effectiveness in providing the demands and expectations of customers and