Install Active-X

It’s important that you install ActiveX in your computer. These are programming tools that allow you to see and use various Web functions like forms, chatting and videos. Requirements An Internet connection A Web browser Computer running Windows 9x or higher Instructions Adding the Components with Internet Explorer If you use Internet Explorer, follow these instructions. It applies to most versions of the browser too. As stated you need to have Windows installed. If not, refer to your User Guide for installing the operating system in your computer. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements too. Most of the time,


One of the most used and famous media conversion processes is the conversion of AVI files to WMV. Both these formats were developed and introduced by Microsoft Corp. in the mid 1990s. Because these computer applications were launched by the same company, it is easy for people to convert Audio Video Interleave files to Windows Media Video files. To make sure that you do the conversion processes successfully, it is best to first check if the computer or laptop that you will use features the minimum system requirements. How do I convert AVI to WMV? The conversion process is simple

Convert Audio Tape to MP3

MP3 is one of the audio formats that are used by people to store music in their laptops or music players. This format is also used to save numerous songs in a CD. Because of the utility of this format, many computer users have the interest to convert other audio media to MP3. One of the media that some people like to convert to MP3 is audio tape. How do I convert audio tape to MP3? The steps in the conversion of audio tape to the new format are easy to follow. However, to avoid having problems, it is important

Reinstall Internet Explorer

One of the quick fixes you can try when you have problems with Internet explorer is to reinstall the said browser. The steps we have outlined below will guide you through the process to reinstall Internet Explorer. We will also outline options to repair your installation of this browser in case you would like to try that first before doing a reinstall. Download and Reinstall Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 and Later Versions Newer versions of Internet Explorer are released as bugs from previous versions are fixed. This would be the fastest way to reinstall Internet Explorer and

Dell BIOS Password

You don’t need to be an expert to reset a Dell BIOS password. There are however a few tools that you need to have should you decide to do this. Requirements Motherboard manual or user guide Dell computer user guide Dell Service Tag Dell Express Service Code Recovery software (optional) Internet access Registration card Instructions Method 1: Change the Motherboard Jumpers Get your motherboard manual and look at the motherboard diagram. Look for the password jumper. There should be a mark or label there indicating which one it is. This is usually the 3 pin CMOS jumper. When you see

Setting Up Home Wireless Network

Home wireless networks have a vast array of benefits: you can share files between computers and with your family members, share printers throughout your house, and best of all – browse the internet whether you’re laying in your bed or sitting out in the backyard. Many internet users enjoy the extreme freedom that a home wireless network provides, as well as the convenience. However, it may seem extremely difficult to get such a project underway… The first and most important part of the process is choosing the proper equipment. There are a number of different wireless types: 802.11a, 802.11b and


Enterprise Resource Planning (also known as ERP) refers to the approach that most corporations like to implement in order to centralize the functions of their departments in an advanced computer system. This approach is cost efficient because it consolidates all the activities of a firm in one piece of software. In addition, it is one of the important and useful tools to enhance the profits and lessen the losses incurred by companies. ERP is very advantageous and beneficial for corporations. Advantages Enterprise Resource Planning is very essential to enhance corporate effectiveness in providing the demands and expectations of customers and

TV Online

The development of the Internet has open new opportunities to computer users. With the use of the Internet, people do not have to allot additional budget for viewing special television programs because some websites allow them to see these TV shows for free. The Internet also allows individuals to watch television programs that are featured in other countries. Above all, people who are busy with their jobs can still view their favorite noontime television shows when they get home at night. How can I watch TV online? To watch television programs over the Internet, it is best that the computer

Send Fax via Outlook Express

Also known as facsimile, fax is a telecommunications device that can be used to send and receive documents to other people. Sending fax messages is one of the most efficient and common methods that enterprises use to communicate with their supplies and clients. This method is done with the use of an efficient telephone network. Aside from sending documents, it can also be used to make copies of printed documents. How do I send a fax via Outlook Express? To save money that companies allot for purchasing fax machines, enterprises can now send fax messages with the use of the

Download Unix

There are actually several ways you can now get or download Unix. The following are some of the places where you can obtain them. Search Engines The best place to start looking would be the search engines. They will point you to the most popular sites where you can get these programs. In addition, they’ll also provide links to other useful sites. There you’ll get more information about the operating system. These engines will return thousands of hits, but you can just stick with the first couple of pages. Because the returns are based on hits and relevance, you can