SAS 70

A company’s integrity can be helped when it is subjected to full auditing. The SAS 70 (Statement on Auditing Standard) has become the standard process by which this is done. Although the process is complex, the following is an overview of the basic facts. Auditable Companies Any number of firms can go through this process. These include the data centers and BPO (business process outsourcing). Clearing houses and other financial institutions are also included. Type I and Type II Reports The auditor evaluation can be either one of these two methods. The first or Type I contains the auditor’s evaluation

Delete Internet Explorer History

With the increased threats of identity theft and fraud being posed by ever-evolving cybercriminals, it is often a good idea to ensure that your information is protected, and that nothing potentially identifying is left unattended to. A main source of gathering personal data is by examining your browsing history stored in Internet Explorer. This may have passwords and searches saved, the websites you have browsed, and more. Deleting your browsing history on a regular basis is a great way to not only save space on your hard drive, but to protect your information and privacy. Open Internet Explorer. This can

Data Management

A field of study that deals with the appropriate management of information as a resource that is significant to the operations of an organization or a corporation, data management covers different areas that can also be helpful in improving the productivity and efficiency of companies and institutions. Some of the areas covered in this study are data modeling, data warehousing, data movement, database administration as well as data mining. Aside from these, the framework of the study also includes data governance, data maintenance, data access and data erasure. To learn more about data management, let us look at the usage

Windows Media Player MP4 Codec

Windows Media Player (also known as WMP) is one of the computer applications developed by Microsoft that helps people play, store and retrieve audio and video files in their computers and laptops. To use this application in synchronous streaming of video and audio, it is important that you properly install an MP4 codec in your computer. With the use of this codec, you can download video and audio files from the Internet and store them in your laptop or music player. How do I install a Windows Media Player MP4 codec? There are two ways of installing the codec in

OSI Model

The Open Systems Interconnection Model (i.e. OSI Model) is a standard reference model for connecting computers on a network. It divides network protocol design and communications into seven different layers. Each layer in the model is designed to provide services to the layer above it. However perfect the OSI Model seems, it has been questioned and compared with other existing models. Looking into the OSI Model Since each layer in this model serves a purpose for the layer above it, it would be interesting how each layer interacts with the next one in the upper tier. Here are the seven

Free Database Software

With the vast growth of modern technology, people of today’s generation definitely are familiar with Database already. However, to those who are not technically inclined, chances are, database might be a foreign word or term to them. A Database normally comes in digital form. Here is where you can place your collection of data for different uses. And these databases are managed using a database manage system, which consists of software that normally comes with a driver called Open Database Connectivity allowing a certain database integrates with the other database. Database Software Database software is like a spreadsheet that uses

Open RAR Files

Most archived files use the zip format but some use other types. For this reason, knowing the techniques for opening RAR files is necessary. System Requirements File compression / extractor software Computer running Windows or Mac Instructions Download the Software: Unlike zip files, neither Windows nor the Mac have built in applets for extracting this compression format. This means you need to download an application that can open it. This isn’t hard to do. A lot of the utilities that can open zip files can handle RAR too, along with other formats. Go to your favorite download sites and choose

Storage Area Network

A highly efficient computer network that is very effective in data management, a storage area network (also known as SAN) is widely used architecture in large companies and institutions. This computer system is very reliable and efficient in monitoring the operations and activities of corporations, but some firms do not employ the network because it is expensive. Companies that use this network commonly implement the Small Computer System Interface or SCSI protocol to establish connection between disk drive devices as well as servers. The protocol is very useful in forming any network like Fibre Channel over Ethernet and HyperSCSI. To

Setup Skype

How do I set up Skype? One of the most used computer programs for Voice over Internet Protocol features, Skype is a very helpful tool that users can try to call and communicate with their loved ones in other countries free. To set up Skype, the computer that will be used should have all the minimum system requirements because these are important to the efficient functioning of the program. Below are the steps and instructions that you can follow to easily set up Skype. System Requirements for Version 1.2 A computer system that features the operating systems Windows 2000 or

Download Unix

There are actually several ways you can now get or download Unix. The following are some of the places where you can obtain them. Search Engines The best place to start looking would be the search engines. They will point you to the most popular sites where you can get these programs. In addition, they’ll also provide links to other useful sites. There you’ll get more information about the operating system. These engines will return thousands of hits, but you can just stick with the first couple of pages. Because the returns are based on hits and relevance, you can