Wireless Router

You have the option to use wired or wireless routers to share your Internet. This prompts one to ask what is a wireless router. Routers are pieces of networking equipment you’ll need in case you want to link several computers together into a network. These devices not only allow interconnection among computers within your network they also allow you to share other resources.

Understanding a Wireless Router

A wireless router works pretty much the same way as a wired one. The obvious difference of course is the absence of wires connecting a computer to the router. Whether you have a wireless or a wired one, these devices act as your gateway to the Internet. You can have two or more computers sharing the connection to the Internet using only one connection from your ISP.


To better understand what is a wireless router, one must also look into its functions. Other than allowing you to share a connection, it also performs other tasks as well. It allows you to access files and information on another computer as long as it is connected to your network. Other equipment like printers and disk drives can also be shared using this device. It may also function as a firewall to add protection to your computer systems.

Sharing Your Internet Connection

Understanding its most fundamental function will help you see what is a wireless router and how important it is when you’ve more than one computer that needs an Internet connection. When you sign up with an Internet Service Provider, they will usually send you a bunch of cables, splitters, a power adapter, and a modem in their install kit. Unless they sent you a wireless modem you’ll have to purchase your own wireless router to get a connection without the hassle of wires scattered all over your home.

Your router will have LAN ports in case you still prefer to use cables to connect your computers. You’ll also find a WAN port right next to your row of LAN ports. This is where you connect the cable running from your modem. Some wireless routers have antennas some don’t (which are really internal antennas). Comparing its physical components with your other equipment will help you identify what is a wireless router.

To prevent computers that don’t belong into your network then it is recommended that you set up an SSID and you get your WEP configured. The former functions as a user name/password to gain access into your network and share your Internet. The latter encrypts the incoming and outgoing traffic of your router. Protecting your network connection is an important aspect of understanding what is a wireless router and its functions.