Wi-Fi Software Tools

A trademark that refers to certified products that are developed by Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi is also a term that is used by computer users to refer to wireless LAN. The products are supported by numerous game consoles, smartphones, printers, laptops as well as personal computer operating systems. To enhance the use of these products, the company launched various software tools that are compatible with Wi-Fi.

What are Wi-Fi software tools? These tools are very useful in establishing fast and efficient connection to the Internet. Aside from these, Wi-Fi software tools are helpful in wireless network mapping, wireless network traffic assessment, encryption cracking, custom frame generation as well as RF signal strength monitoring. The tools are available in different platforms like Windows, Unix and MacOS.

Multiple Platforms

One of the most used and effective software tools that can be used for multiple platforms is Aircrack-ng. This special WPA-PSK and WEP cracking program is very useful for 802.11 computer networks. This aircracking tool features more efficient WEP attack algorithm PTW. In addition, it supports different OS from Zaurus, Windows and Unix. Many people use this program because it features various tools like packetforge-ng, airtun-ng and airserv-ng.


Computer users who are in search for useful Wi-Fi software tools for Windows can try NetStumbler, OmniPeek as well as Stumbverter. NetStumbler is one of the computer applications that people can use to identify Wireless Local Area Networks with the use of 802.11g, 802.11a and 802.11b. OmniPeek is very helpful in analyzing software that integrates the applications EtherPeek as well as AiroPeek. Stumbverter is an efficient computer application that allows individuals to convert summary files in NetStumbler to MapPoint 2004 maps. Other tools that can be used in Windows are MacIDChanger and Technitium MAC Address Changer.


Individuals who are using laptops or computers with operating systems from Linux, some of the Wi-Fi software tools that you can use are CoWPAtty, Wellenreiter and BSD-Airtools. CoWPAtty is a special cracking application that can be used in several protocols like WPA1 as well as WPA2. Wellenreiter is very helpful in auditing and discovering of 802.11 networks. BSD-Airtools is effective in detecting connected nodes and wireless access points.

Mac OS

MacStumbler, Kismet and KisMAC are some of the software tools that are useful in Mac OS. MacStumbler helps people access data nearby 802.11g as well as 802.11b wireless access points. Kismet can be used to detect 802.11 Layer 2 networks. KisMAC supports cards that feature different applications like Orinoco, Cisco Aironet and PrismII.