Unlock MySpace

One of the most visited, inviting and popular social networking sites today, MySpace allows people to keep in touch with their distant friends and relatives. Because of the popularity of this site, many young people and professionals are hooked with the special features and services available at MySpace. To keep the focus of employees and students on their works and studies, most companies and students block this site.

How can I unlock MySpace? There are different ways of unlocking MySpace. Before exploring the various methods of unblocking the website, it is necessary that computer users know the minimum system requirements for the task. To avoid experiencing problems, it is important to follow the simple steps below.

Minimum System Requirements

  • A PC or laptop with any of the following OS, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows ME
  • 64 megabytes RAM
  • Fast Internet connection

Instructions for Removing the Social Networking Site from the Restricted Sites

  1. Launch your Internet browser and select the tools tab.
  2. Choose Internet Options and select Security Tab.
  3. Click the tab that says Restricted Sites.
  4. Check if MySpace is included in the list of the Restricted Sites.
  5. If it is in the Sites, highlight the name of the social networking site and click delete.

Instructions for Unlocking MySpace with the Use of Filter Removing Program

  1. Purchase or download a trial version of any filter removing program.
  2. Install the program in your computer by following the prompts carefully.
  3. Launch the computer software to access the site.

Instructions for Unblocking the Site with the Use of Proxy Sites Like Own Privacy or Privacy Hunt

  1. Launch the Internet browser.
  2. Visit Google and type the URL of Own Privacy or Privacy Hunt inside the search box.
  3. Check the web pages of these proxy sites.
  4. Type the URL of the social networking site at the URL box on www.ownprivacy.com or www.privacyhunt.com.
  5. Select Surf to check your account at the blocked site.

Tips and Warnings

  • If all the above mentioned options failed to unblock the website, you can try unlocking MySpace by determining the present IP address the social networking site is using.
  • Another effective method of unlocking the web page is with the use of Google cache.
  • When visiting different websites, avoid downloading and installing other applications in your computer because these can contain computer viruses that will harm or damage your PC.
  • It is also important that you make sure that no one sees you while you unblock the site since some schools and companies give sanctions to those who try to unlock the assigned restricted sites.