Setup Skype

How do I set up Skype? One of the most used computer programs for Voice over Internet Protocol features, Skype is a very helpful tool that users can try to call and communicate with their loved ones in other countries free. To set up Skype, the computer that will be used should have all the minimum system requirements because these are important to the efficient functioning of the program. Below are the steps and instructions that you can follow to easily set up Skype.

System Requirements for Version 1.2

  • A computer system that features the operating systems Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • 400 megahertz processor
  • 128 megabytes RAM
  • 15 megabytes available space on the hard drive
  • Sound card, microphones and speakers
  • Broadband or Dial-up Internet connection

System Requirements for Version 2.0

  • A computer system that features Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 1-gigahertz processor
  • 512 megabytes RAM
  • 30 megabytes available space on the hard drive
  • Full duplex sound card, headset
  • Broadband, DSL or cable Internet connection
  • A video card with a memory of at least 16 megabytes
  • A 512/256kbit down/up connection


  1. Launch the Internet browser and go to the website of Skype.
  2. Click the Download Now button. When a window appears with the file named SkySetup.exe, click run to start executing and downloading the program.
  3. When the download process was finished, you will see the Skype Setup Wizard program. This program will help you complete the installation of the program. Follow the instructions carefully. Read the terms of service and accept.
  4. Click the next button to initiate the installation of the program. The installation will be done in about ten seconds. You will see the Skype icon on the desktop of the program as soon as the program was installed.

Tips and Warnings

  • For first time users, do not forget to create an account at Skype to use the service. To make an account, click “Don’t have a Skype name” below the field referring to the username. Fill-up the form and accept the terms and conditions. Click sign in. Read the Getting Started guide to learn how to use the service.
  • To make sure that the set up is functioning as desired, check the main window of Skype. Look at the contacts section and double click “test call.” Listen to the sounds of the microphone. If you are satisfied with the set up, you can go back to the main window and start making free calls.