Reset BIOS Password

Although it may seem unimportant, knowing how to reset the BIOS password is important. If you are reconfiguring the hardware, this information will be crucial. Here are some methods you can try.

Required Tools

  • BIOS recovery utility software
  • Screws
  • Screwdrivers
  • Motherboard manual


Method 1: Ask Technical Support for the Backdoor Code

This is by far the easiest method. Some computer companies have a backdoor password. This is a code that can be entered that is guaranteed to work. You can call them and ask for it. Or you can take the computer to the store and let them enter the data. However not all companies avail of this. If this isn’t possible you can try these other methods to reset the BIOS password.

Method 2: Use Software Utilities

There are several programs that can recover these settings. You can go online and download / purchase them. It should be said that not all of them work the same way. The setup in your system also determines their efficiency. Still, it’s a good idea to have them in your computer.

Method 3: Turn off the CMOS Battery

First get the user guide for your motherboard. Also prepare some screws and screwdrivers to open the computer casing. Check the user guide for the location of the CMOS jumper. Take out the jumper. This will eradicate all the information stored. But this will allow you to reset the BIOS password. Now you can reconfigure the data.

Method 4: Halt the Real Time Clock

This is also located at the motherboard. Again refer to your manual for information on how to disable it. Motherboard designs vary, so check your system specs. Follow the instructions for disabling the clock.

Note: this can be a very delicate process. Because motherboard setups differ, read the manual carefully. Read what it says about any dangers when disabling the clock or CMOS battery for that matter. If needed, you can call the tech support staff for advice.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure to follow all instructions if you’re using a software recovery program. Trying to do something that isn’t in the manual can be disastrous.
  • Turn off the computer when trying to disable the CMOS or clock. Also, double check that you pull out the correct jumpers. If you don’t have the guide anymore, check for the labels on the motherboard itself. When you try to reset the BIOS password this way, be sure you know what you’re doing. If you don’t think you can do it, take the computer to the shop. A technician will be able to pull out the right jumpers.
  • Always have a copy of your vital system settings close at hand. Print them out if necessary. With this in hand you’ll have an easier time reconfiguring any system files. Keeping the user manuals is of course necessary. Store all of them together in a single folder or drawer. It might prove helpful if the tech support asks some questions.
  • Understanding how to reset the BIOS password is vital. It’s not something you would worry about often but it’s a good thing to know.