Reinstall Internet Explorer

One of the quick fixes you can try when you have problems with Internet explorer is to reinstall the said browser. The steps we have outlined below will guide you through the process to reinstall Internet Explorer. We will also outline options to repair your installation of this browser in case you would like to try that first before doing a reinstall.

Download and Reinstall Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 and Later Versions

Newer versions of Internet Explorer are released as bugs from previous versions are fixed. This would be the fastest way to reinstall Internet Explorer and get rid of any problems. Each version of this browser will have a different download page. Basically, you have to go to the Microsoft website and download the browser from there.

Open this page for Internet Explorer 7:
Windows Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP

Open this page for Internet Explorer 8:
Internet Explorer 8: Home page

You will also have to go to the specific download page for later versions of Internet Explorer.

Installing Service Pack 3

One solution to a lot of the problems with this browser is to install Service Pack 3. This is a free update that includes security updates and solutions to previous problems with Windows XP. You might have to go over the following steps in order to reinstall Internet Explorer especially when you’re having problems installing the browser. Windows Vista users won’t have to go over the following steps.


  • The only requirement to install Service Pack 3 is that Service Pack 1a and Service Pack2 must already be installed in Windows XP.
  • To install Service Pack 3 you either order the Windows XP SP3 CD or download the update directly onto your computer. Visit to turn on your automatic updates and get this and any other later updates from the Microsoft website.
  • Notes: Remember to click ‘Express Install’ when prompted. If your computer doesn’t have Windows XP Service Pack 2, that update will automatically be selected for you. From here you click install and accept the license agreement.

Using Ie.inf to Reinstall Internet Explorer


  • Microsoft XP Service Pack 2. If you have your Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 installed and would want to stick with version 6 of this browser then you can reinstall Internet Explorer using its .inf file. All you have to do is to locate ie.inf install the browser from there.
  • To locate ie.inf go over the following steps:
    • Go to Start then Run and type “%systemroot%\inf” in the Open box and hit Enter.
    • A new window showing various .inf files will come up. Locate ie.inf in the new window, right click on it, and then click ‘Install’. Your computer will restart when the process completes.