No Audio Device

You don’t have to take the computer to the shop when you see the “no audio device error” message. Here are some suggestions and solutions you can try first.

First, an overview of the basic facts: this error message refers to the lack of sound from your external hardware or sound device. There may still be some sounds from the internal speaker.

Modify the BIOS Settings

Reboot your system and enter the BIOS setup program. Usually you have to press a function key to enter it. Refer to your user guide to know the right key to use. Go through the various options. Look for the audio mode. Turn it to auto. Exit and save the changes. Reboot and see if there are sounds now. If there is, then the “no audio device error” was due to the BIOS problem.

Update the Device Drivers

The sound device could be using an old driver. Go to the vendor website and download the newest drivers. You can go to the Control Panel too. Check the sound board properties. There will be an “update driver” tab there. Click and the download will continue. You need to be connected to the Net to do this, of course.

Reinstall the Sound Device

Turn off the computer and remove the sound board. The problem could be improper installation. Refer to the user manual to make sure all the jumpers and wires are connected in the right location. If the cables are loose, the “no audio device error” will often appear.

A Defective Device

Remove the gadget and try it on another computer. If it doesn’t work, the problem is with the device itself. Return it to the shop and get a replacement. Bring the warranty card with you.

Incompatible Software

If you installed another sound device before, it could be causing problems. Go to the Add/Remove Programs and see it is still there. It can happen that users will just remove the hardware but the software is still there. This can lead to system conflicts. Remove the software and restart the computer. Now reinstall the device and its accompanying applications. This can remove the “no audio device error” message.

Go to Online Forums

The Internet is a good source of information. Aside from the vendor website, go to online forums. State your problems. There may be someone out there who knows the answer. In a lot of cases, this can be as effective as calling technical support.

You can also visit the operating system’s website. They may have some information about this specific device. If there are incompatibility issues, the workaround may be stated there.

While at the website, download the latest patches too. These might help in resolving the problem. Sometimes the error message pops up because of glitches in the system itself.

If you see the “no audio device error”, you shouldn’t panic. Try some of the above mentioned suggestions first. If it fixes the problem, then you don’t have to worry about taking the computer to the repair shop.