Make WordPress Theme

The overall appearance of your blog is determined by WordPress themes. There are hundreds of themes available on the internet, but making your own WordPress theme indicates creativity as well as professionalism. However, one should have the basic knowledge about HTML and CSS before starting on this project (WordPress themes). If you show a little dedication towards learning this, you can also make a unique WordPress theme for your website or blog. Here are the steps involved in making a WordPress theme.

  1. Plan and prepare the design that you want to see on your blog. Make a physical copy or a blueprint of it so that you can refer to it and complete the work in an organized manner.
  2. Next, you have to copy the default theme of the WordPress themes from wp-content/themes/ on the internet and paste it on your blog. You have to create a new folder and paste the default WordPress theme there.
  3. Open the copied default theme and then create a header theme for the blog. This is simple and easy. All you have to do is open header.php and then open the theme that you want to make. Next, you have to delete the codes of the header theme and add the HTML codes which you have prepared for your new WordPress header.
  4. You should customize the index as well as the sidebar in the same manner as you did for the WordPress header. It involves nothing but replacing the default WordPress theme with your own theme. Here, you should have some idea or knowledge about programming. If you are not good at programming, then you are advised to take help from a person who knows programming.
  5. Now, you should change the WordPress footer for your website or blog.
  6. You can add some more template pages on your blog if you wish. This process is like customising the theme.
  7. If you want to replace the style of the theme, then you can use style.css and also change the name of the theme, URL, Version, Author URL, Description and Author (your name). When this is done, a new WordPress theme is created.