Kindle DX vs. iPad

E-book readers and other portable devices really hit the market big time. A few of the examples include the Amazon KindleDX and the Apple iPad. Each device has different feature making it unique with each other. Before you decide as to which one to purchase, let us know first the features of each device and evaluate your need and lifestyle. By doing the evaluation, one will surely get the chance to choose fro the best device for her or for him. One may have outstanding features but will not work out with the user’s need and way of living; it definitely is not the right device to purchase.

Kindle DX vs iPad Features

Screen – The latest version of the Amazon Kindle, the KindleDX boasts of its wider and 9.7-inch larger screen apart from the lowered price, which is now priced at $379 only. It features the new e-link screen delivering the clearest text and sharpest images. iPad on the other hand comes similar to that of the DX’s. Its LED-backlit IPS display made the iPad ideal for web browsing, movie and photo viewing.

Keyboard – the apple iPad has the onscreen virtual keyboard, while the Kindle DX has the physical QWERT keyboard attached. In addition, iPad has the multi-touch display, which is not available with KindleDx.

Battery – if you were to us your Apple iPad surfing the net on Wi-Fi connectivity, you will enjoy 10 hours of watching videos or listening to your favorite music. However, if you use the 3G connectivity in browsing the web, 9 hours will be your iPad maximum battery life. The Amazon Kindle DX on the other hand, boast of its long battery life, which is 1 week or reading with the wireless on or 2 weeks if the wireless connectivity is off.

Multitasking – with the recent iOS 4.2 update, iPad users can now do the multitasking. Like working while playing without the iPad’s performance slowing down. This feature is not available with the Kindle DX.

Connectivity – Amazon Kindle DX offer free 3F wireless connectivity. Thus, users need not to worry about monthly bills or annual contracts because Amazon paid for the 3G connectivity. Thus, downloading your favorite e-book can be done in an instant without heading to a Wi-Fi spot. Requires the users to pay, the Apple iPad on the other hand has Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity.

With the few features mentioned above, you surely now have the idea as which mobile device should purchase. Both have the sleek and thin design if you are into the looks.