A series of publications that deals with different topics related to computer systems, networks and operations, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (also known as ITIL) is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce in Great Britain. It is very informative and helpful because the publications provide detailed knowledge on special tasks, practices as well as procedures that can be applied by any information technology organization. To have a deep understanding on these publications, it is best to have an extensive overview of Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

The First Version

What is ITIL? Information Technology Infrastructure Library is an informative documentation of policies, practices and concepts that are useful for computer operations and developments. The first version of ITIL was developed through the leadership of the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency. This version has 31 volumes and it focuses on methodologies that governmental institutions can use in the efficient management of information technology infrastructure. In the 1990s, ITIL was widely adopted by information technology companies in Great Britain, which led to the publication of other versions of Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

The Second Version

To enhance the understanding of private and public agencies on information technology management, the ITIL version 2 was published in the late 1980s. Some of the topics covered in this set are service delivery, service support, security management as well as application management. Other topics included in this version are ICT infrastructure management, software asset management and ITIL small-scale implementation. This version is very helpful to readers who want to enhance their understanding on information technology management because it has a glossary of terms that are commonly associated with computer systems. Because of the increasing number of companies who use the ITIL version 2 as reference, the third version was introduced in the 2000s.

The Third Version

The third version of Information Technology Infrastructure Library focuses on five topics, namely service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation as well as continual service improvement. Many IT companies adopted the publications but there are some corporations that criticize the ITIL. One of the criticisms raised against the books include the argument that the frameworks of ITIL fall under business service management and not under information technology service management. Aside from these, some corporations complain that the books are costly. Above all, computer experts argue that ITIL is a holistic approach to IT practices, operations, computer network and computer software management as well as data management.