Internet Explorer Script Error

There are many different types of Internet Explorer script error messages. Their causes are almost as numerous. But the following are the most common reasons.

Problem with the Script Itself

There are different types of scripts being used on the Web. A lot of them are JavaScript, but some are written in Visual Basic or Jscript. Due to their complexity, errors can appear. If they are due to a programming mistake, you can only wait for the webmaster to repair them.

Conflicts with Antivirus Software

Open your antivirus software and check the configuration. Reconfigure it so that it doesn’t check the Temporary Internet Files folder. If the problem persists, change the antivirus setup so it doesn’t scan the Download Program Files section too.


Firewalls can block scripts and various applets. Aside from Java applets and ActiveX, the various scripts may also be blocked. This can lead to Internet Explorer script error messages. Check your firewall settings. If you are on a network, contact the system administrator about the problem.

Clear the Internet Folders

If the Temporary Internet Folders are crammed, the browser may experience problems. Aside from the error messages, it can also lead to slowdowns. Go to the Tools menu and click Internet Options. Click “Delete Files”.

DirectX Conflicts

If your DirectX version is old, download the new version. These files are mostly concerned with sound and video components. However it is also intertwined with the browser. Go online and download the newest version. Restart the computer and open the browser. This can eliminate the Internet Explorer script error messages.

Remove the Error Messages

Most of the time you can still access the web page but the error messages will keep appearing. To remove the error warnings, go to the Tools menu. Go to the Internet Options and choose “Advanced”.

To get rid of the error, remove the check at the “Display a notification error about a script error”. Press OK. Reload the page. While the script errors are still there, you won’t get any more messages warning you of this.

Other Possible Causes

There are other potential problems. If your video card drivers are old, it might have problems displaying web pages. Go to the company’s website and download the drivers. This can help you remove Internet Explorer script error messages.

If the problem persists it could be due to the web browser itself. Go online and download the latest patches. Better yet, you should download the newest version.

You should also look at the various plugins and third party utilities you have installed. Some of these might cause problems with the scripting. Check the readme.txt files. These might contain information about scripting issues as well.


A note here about debugging: you might get a message asking if you want to “debug the error”. If you know how to do this, click yes and the Microsoft Script Editor will open. But if you’re not familiar with this, don’t tamper with it. Just click no and disable the error messages as stated earlier.

These Internet Explorer script error messages happen quite often. But these are not serious, and the solutions mentioned above can resolve most of these problems.