Install Telephone Wiring

Having knowledge on the proper installation of telephone wiring in your homes and offices is important to save money and to ensure the safety of your family and colleagues. Installing the wiring is not difficult and complex. However, it is necessary that you allot time to do this task efficiently and successfully.

How do I install telephone wiring? The steps in the installation of the wiring are simple and are very easy to understand. It is also important that you prepare all the important materials that you will need for this task beforehand. Discussed below are the instructions that you can follow to install a telephone line successfully.

Materials Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • Cable splitter
  • Telephone jack plates
  • Cat 5 cables, gauge 22 or gauge 24


  1. Look at the Network Interface Device.
  2. Disconnect the telephone line from the device.
  3. Find the incoming line from the device.
  4. Look for the telephone wire outside the house or office.
  5. Unplug the wire.
  6. Check if the incoming line is connected to the proper wires.
  7. The first line should follow the green and red wires.
  8. The the second line should follow the black and yellow wires.
  9. Wind the line around a pole in a counterclockwise way.
  10. Use the screwdriver in securing the wires.
  11. Insert the cable in the holes at the back of the Network Interface Device.
  12. Run it to your office or your home.
  13. Split the cable wire into several branches.
  14. Feed the cable through the walls.
  15. Remember to attach it to the back part of the jack plate of the telephone.
  16. Make sure that the telephone wires are at least 6 inches away from each other.

Tips and Warnings

  • Prepare all the materials needed beforehand.
  • Do not hesitate to use high quality materials.
  • Be sure that the telephone wires are not grounded.
  • Before installing telephone wiring in your place, check the wiring standard that you presently use.
  • Make sure that you follow the wiring standard carefully.
  • Follow the EIA/TIA T586A standard if you are installing the wiring in a new establishment or house.
  • Do not forget to limit the branches of the line to at most five.
  • Avoid opening the telco compartment of a Network Interface Device since it can cause damages in the wiring.
  • Check the connections in the customer access compartment of the device if there are troubles with the dial tone.
  • Call your telephone company for assistance if there are problems in the telephone line.