Install Active-X

It’s important that you install ActiveX in your computer. These are programming tools that allow you to see and use various Web functions like forms, chatting and videos.


  • An Internet connection
  • A Web browser
  • Computer running Windows 9x or higher


Adding the Components with Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer, follow these instructions. It applies to most versions of the browser too.

  1. As stated you need to have Windows installed. If not, refer to your User Guide for installing the operating system in your computer. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements too.
  2. Most of the time, Windows includes Internet Explorer in its setup. If not, you need to download it. You can go to Microsoft’s website or other download sites on the Net to get a copy. By installing Internet Explorer, you also install ActiveX. This is possible because the components are added by default.
  3. To check if they are actually installed, look for any files ending with .ocx in your system. Right click the Start Menu and click “search”. Type “*.ocx” and the files will appear in the right pane.
  4. To modify the existing controls, go to Internet Options in Internet Explorer. Click “Security” and go to “Custom Level”. Assess the options that appear and make the necessary changes. This may open up several more tabs depending on the browser version you have. Just click OK until you get to the main screen.

How to Install ActiveX with Other Browsers

For Netscape users, you need to have plugins setup first. These will allow the browser to recognize the component and allow their installation. Once the plugin is in place, you can download the components. The same process must be used if you use other browsers like Apple Safari and Mozilla.

Adding Other Controls

Some websites require that other controls be installed to your system so they can be viewed correctly. Just load that website and an information bar will appear. Click it and you will see a message asking if you want the control added. Click yes.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be careful when you install ActiveX controls from other websites. Some of these may contain malware or other destructive software. Even a well meaning applet can cause problems if it’s poorly programmed. Evaluate the site first before you put it in your computer.
  • If there are controls you no longer use, you can remove them. In Windows XP, go to the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Double click it. Look for the control in the list and remove it. If you get a message saying “removing this file may cause other programs not to work” or something similar, do not delete that file.
  • Never delete the files manually. This can cause problems. Always use the Add/Remove program. If the control has its own uninstall feature, you can use that instead.
  • Always upgrade your browser so you get the latest controls. The technology is always evolving and it’s best to keep updated.
  • Once you install ActiveX, you’ll get to fully experience what the Web has to offer. As long as you take caution, you’ll enjoy surfing the Net that much more.