Free VoIP

The concept of free VoIP is still a matter of debate. Some believe that there is no such thing, and others hold that it is a fact. To understand the facts, you need to have the following equipment.


  • Computer
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Telephone
  • Communications software

Method 1: PC to PC

The PC to PC communication is the best example of a no charge Internet program. There are applications now available that allow you to do this.

The process is simple. You go to the website and download the software. Next you install it and log on to their network. Now you can make a call to another person using your computer.

The great thing about this free VoIP system is that there is no charge. It doesn’t matter where you are calling from or where the other person is. There is no cost to you or the other person, no matter how long the conversation.

There are two catches: the first is that the other person must install the software too. The second is that this only works on a PC to PC connection. You cannot make calls using the landline or a cell phone.

The other thing about this software is that you need to have more than a decent piece of hardware. Aside from the connection, having plenty of disk space and RAM is required.

Method 2: Free Landline Calls

Some free VoIP companies are coming up with more innovative approaches. What they do is the following: they ask you to pay a small fee up front. In exchange you get to call long distance for free. They will offer a selection of countries you can choose from.

If you are going to use this service, keep the following in mind. First you need to check the country list first. The second is the fee. Is it an annual fee, or is it one time? These need to be factored in before you pay up.

Other Services

There are other services becoming popular. Some free VoIP let you make calls using the PC or regular phones anywhere for free. The downside is that there is a limit per day or week. If you go over the prescribed free call minutes, you’ll have to pay. These services also have a limited selection of places to call. If you want to try a country not on the list, you have to pay.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always remember the following: no matter what service you are using, you’ll have to shoulder the cost of the Internet connection. The money you pay here isn’t actually involved with the calls you make though.
  • Always read the software guide first. Read the system requirements. You need to meet or exceed them. At the very least you need a reliable DSL connection. 56k modems won’t be sufficient.
  • While there may be those who’ll say that there will never be a free VoIP, there’s no question that it’s cheaper than most calls. As time goes by, the costs will go down even more, or be even free.