Free Satellite Images

A special image that is consisted of photographs of planets like the Earth taken by artificial satellites, satellite imagery has useful applications in various areas of studies like biodiversity conservation, education, military intelligence, agriculture, warfare and forestry. This imagery has two kinds of resolution, namely geometric and radiometric. Geometric resolution is the ability of the satellite sensor to provide an image of the surface of the earth using the Ground Sample Distance system. On the other hand, radiometric resolution provides an image that is commonly expressed in different grayscale levels like 16-bit, 12-bit, 11-bit and 8-bit.

Free Satellite Images

Where can I see free satellite images? Free images from the satellite are now available on the web and on your laptop or personal computer. If you have an efficient or reliable Internet connection, you can easily view free satellite images from Google Maps. This is one of the most helpful web mapping services available in the Internet. The service provides street maps as well as a useful route planner if you want to travel by public transport, car and bicycle. This service can also be used in locating commercial establishments.

Google Maps provides pure satellite view of areas that you want to locate or see. In addition to this special feature, the service also offers a hybrid view, which highlights streets, landmarks and street names. Aside from Google Maps, you can also try Google Earth if your computer uses Microsoft Windows, Linux, iPhone OS and Symbian OS.

Other interesting services that you can try if you are in search for free satellite images is MSN Virtual Earth as well as Terrafly. These services offer aerial images of different areas. Bing Maps is another service available on the Internet that can be used to get free satellite images. One of the most useful services provided by Bing Maps is the three-dimensional maps. Other features of this service are traffic viewing, street-level images as well as reliable route calculation.

Other Relevant Information

Satellite imagery has various special uses. Images provided by artificial satellites are very useful in regional planning activities. In addition, these images can be used in detecting changes in water depth, seabed and land formation. Moreover, satellite imagery is reliable in identifying and predicting the occurrence of natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. It can also be used to detect tropical storms and cyclones. Above all, most countries like the United States and Japan use the images to ensure national security.