Free IP Tracers

An Internet Protocol, most commonly known as IP, Address is a string of digits that identifies your computer. Imagine it to be much like your driver’s license – it identifies your computer to the internet and provides basic information about your connection and its location. Throughout the web there are sites that allow you to trace IP Addresses and gather more information on them for free. In this post, I am going to review three such services and discuss some potential applications for them.

When tracing an IP Address, you can collect some basic data regarding the computer it has been assigned to, for example: location of the computer, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) responsible for the connection, the type of connection (Cable, DSL, Dial-Up, etc.) and more. Fortunately, you cannot obtain a specific address for the computer behind an IP Address, but you can determine a location as specific as the city it’s located in!

Let’s take a look at the first IP tracer on our list: IP Adress.

Available Features: Internet Protocol Address, Country and Country Code, City and State, Postal Code, Latitude and Longitude, Internet Service Provider, Proxy, IP Host Name, Local Time, Internet Speed, Browser, Operating System and Referrer. This site also displays a Google Map image of the city.

Design: The website is cluttered and houses tons of advertisements that may distract the visitor or draw them off-course. However, the information is nearly centered and is completely above the fold, so you won’t need to scroll down the page to see anything. The box in which to type the desired IP Address is extremely easy to locate and the site offers simplistic navigation in a very straight-forward manner.

The second IP tracer on the list is: Find IP Address.

Available Features: Unfortunately, this site offers less in the way of features. It displays: Router Internet Protocol Address, IP Address, Host Name, Country Name, Continent, Latitude and Longitude, Country Code, City and State, Internet Service Provider, and Time Zone. It also interfaces with Google Maps to bring you an image of the city.

Design: What this tool lacks in features, it makes up for in design. You won’t find an annoying cluster of advertisements surrounding the information. It’s much cleaner and more user-friendly.

Finally, the third IP tracer is: My IP Test.

Available Features: This tool provides you with the IP Address and offers a feature where, with just one click, you can see whether or not the IP Address is blacklisted or you may examine the WHOIS data. It also displays Proxy Information, the ISP, Host Name, City, Country, Country Code, Latitude and Longitude, and the State. This site also displays a Google Map and comes with the unique ability to link directly to the results of a specific IP Address.

Design: The data is displayed exactly where your eyes would look for it first. The only advertisements are located at the very bottom and are barely even noticeable. This provides the visitor with an overall better experience and faster loading times.

So, as you can see, each of the tracers offer their own pros and cons, but have the same core functionality. Thanks to sites like these, tracing someone’s IP Address to get more detailed information is as simple as just a few clicks!