Free Database Software

With the vast growth of modern technology, people of today’s generation definitely are familiar with Database already. However, to those who are not technically inclined, chances are, database might be a foreign word or term to them. A Database normally comes in digital form. Here is where you can place your collection of data for different uses. And these databases are managed using a database manage system, which consists of software that normally comes with a driver called Open Database Connectivity allowing a certain database integrates with the other database.

Database Software

Database software is like a spreadsheet that uses tables in storing different information and it is made of rows and columns wherein in the row or record part contains the information of a specific item in your database. In the column or field part on the other hand, contains the additional details the information in the row part.

Different Types of Databases

Databases come in different type and this includes Desktop, Server, and Web-enabled.

Desktop – this type of database software is ideal for home use. This software has the ability to store and serve data from a single computer.

Server – this type of database software uses a central computer that stores data and make it available for use to other computer in the network. The server can also be accessed via the internet and this ideal for large-scale businesses and e-commerce applications.

Web-enabled – Web-enabled database software is a type of Database Software wherein users will have to store data in a local computer and have it available for access via web pages in the internet. This is ideal in publishing pages that rarely changes like FAQ and the like.

Free Database Software

If you are in the lookout of a free database software below are some of them that you can avail.

MySQL – MySQL is the most known and the most used free database software around the globe. This software is used to power websites with high-traffic volume. MySQL is highly reliable, scalable, and fast, which made it the best choice for developers. Its reliability, scalability, and speed are what made it popular. Advantages a person can get when choosing MySQL includes reliability and excellent performance, easy to use, no more vendor lock-in, available in almost all platforms, and millions of developers that are highly qualified and well-trained.

PostgreSQL – this free database software has the ability to support SQL92 as well as SQL99. Features developers can enjoy upon choosing this software include complex SQL queries, SQL foreign keys, database triggers, SQL views, reliable database transaction log, and multi-version concurrency control.

BerkelyDB – its ability to run on all known operating system like the Linux and Unix to name a few made this software the widely-used developer database.

Firebird – this software features a wide variety of ANSI SQL-99 grammars and has the ability to run on Windows, UNIX and Linux.