Download Unix

There are actually several ways you can now get or download Unix. The following are some of the places where you can obtain them.

Search Engines

The best place to start looking would be the search engines. They will point you to the most popular sites where you can get these programs. In addition, they’ll also provide links to other useful sites. There you’ll get more information about the operating system.

These engines will return thousands of hits, but you can just stick with the first couple of pages. Because the returns are based on hits and relevance, you can be certain that the first few pages will give you what you need most of the time. You can use any search engine to look for a site to download Unix. Most of them will return the same sites anyway.


Another good place to start looking would be the forums. The top sites on the search engines might be congested. If you go to forums and discussion groups, they might be able to point you somewhere else.

These places are also great sites to pick advice and tips for using the software. If the site looks informative, bookmark it. You might need it in case a problem arises.

There are a lot of forums on the Net dedicated to this server. Some of the discussion there can get very technical. Just look for the ones about where to download Unix.

Websites and Dedicated Servers

It won’t take long before you find websites containing the software. Before clicking the link to get the file, you should look around first. Check if the other links are working.

Also make sure that your virus scanner is on. It’s very unlikely but the site may contain viruses. This does not mean that the webmaster created the virus. It’s possible that the site itself is the target. It’s better to be sure.

When at the site, read the help files first. If there’s a FAQ, check it out. It’s important that before you download Unix, you know what version it is.

Purchasing the OS

Some websites sell the operating system (OS) on CDs. For some this is a better option. Large files can take a long time to download. It’s free, but it’s too time consuming. Buying the software doesn’t cost that much. Now you don’t have to spend hours trying to get the file.

It can be frustrating when you download it only to have the connection drop at some point. In some cases this means starting all over again. When you buy instead of trying to download, you just have to focus on installing it.


  • Never turn off your virus scanner when downloading a file. Some viruses try to install themselves along with another software. After downloading the zip file, run the scanner.
  • Read the instructions before you install the operating system. It’s crucial you do this because you might be asked for some information during installation.
  • Learn about the different versions. There are several types. Doing so will allow you to download Unix variants that’s best suited for your needs.