DirecTV Receivers

We have already heard about cable TV and many of us enjoyed its service with the numerous TV channels available for us to enjoy. Now there is a better service than cable TV and one of it is the DirecTV. Like its counterpart, Dish Network, DirecTV also provides services that boost up their client’s television viewing experience. They have the digital satellite television offered to those who are expecting more on their television sets. Through DirecTV, one can enjoy shows that are not available on their regular television sets. Movies, sports events, and more will be all available for every client’s viewing pleasure. Unlike the traditional or first generation antennas, DirecTV’s reception antennas used by subscribers are smaller, but provide clear and high-quality reception.

Subscribing with DirecTV will give you the chance to view 400 of the newest movie releases and over 6,000 television shows and movies available in an instant at no extra cost all in Blu-ray quality. In addition, once subscribed to DirecTV, you will get the chance to access over 160 of your favorite TV channels, sports channels in HD, and the chance to record your favorite TV show when your away or simply want to have a view for the second time with just a single HD DVR.

What is a DirecTV Receiver?

The DirecTV receiver is the tool used to give DirecTV subscribers unbeatable TV viewing experience. Receivers will work accordingly to the type of television set you have. One great example of it is if you have high definition TV, you need to get an HD receiver and an HD service.

DirecTV Receiver Types and Benefits

DirecTV has receivers of different type. Each type offers different benefits to its users. Below is the list of different receiver types and the benefits one can get from it.

DirecTV Plus HD DVR – this receiver features the highest HD picture quality with a resolution of up to 1080p HD. It has the Series Link feature, which allows you to record an episode of your favorite TV show in an instant. Pictures and sounds are all-digital and the smart search feature will allow you find the channel or show you want faster than the usual.

DirecTV Plus DVR – unlike with what one can enjoy with DirecTV Plus HD DVR, this receiver will only allow you to record up to 100 hours of live TV in SD.

DirecTV HD Receiver – tough features like Series Link and record live TV are not available in this receiver, one can still enjoy an all digital sound and picture.

Direct TV Receiver – benefits one can get from this receiver include an all-digital picture and sound, access to over 265 channels, energy efficient, interactive features, ScoreGuide, onscreen caller ID, and parental controls.