Create Free Invoice

Invoices are very important to enterprises that provide services and merchandises to people. Creating invoices is easy but it is expensive and time consuming. To avoid allotting extra budget for making receipts, there are different ways that you can try to create free invoices.

How do I create a free invoice? You can create a free invoice with the use of Microsoft Office. Another efficient and easy way of making a receipt is through the Internet. To avoid having problems, it is advantageous to first consider the minimum system requirements for this task.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Laptop or PC with any of these operating systems, MAC, Linux and Window
  • Fax machine or printer
  • Any invoice software
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet connection

Instructions for Making Official Receipt with the Use of Microsoft Office

  1. If your computer does not have Microsoft Office, download the latest version of Open Office at
  2. Visit and indicate template in the search box to find various templates available on the webpage.
  3. Select a template that you want to use and click the tab that says Use It.
  4. Download the template and save in your computer.
  5. Open the template using the Open Office program.
  6. Edit the template and write important information on the appropriate blanks.
  7. After creating the receipt, print it. You can also fax the invoice to your client.

Instructions for Making Receipts Using Software

  1. Launch the Internet browser and visit any search engine such as Yahoo! or Google.
  2. Type Invoice by Click in the search box and press enter or click search.
  3. Purchase the computer application or you can download a trial version.
  4. Follow prompts to properly install the software in your computer.
  5. Run the software as soon as the installation was completed.
  6. Fill up the invoice. Include the client´┐Żs name, merchandises purchased and amount.
  7. You can also include tax and discounts given to the client.
  8. Fax the receipt to the client or you can print it and send via mail.
  9. If your client has an email address, scan the printed invoice and send it to the address.

Tips and Warnings

  • Before sending the receipt, do not forget to sign it.
  • If you are downloading and installing computer application in your computer, make sure that the computer has an efficient and updated anti-spyware as well as antivirus programs.
  • Change the settings of the Internet browser and block pop-ups to avoid harming your computer because some websites load spyware, viruses and tracking cookies in your PC or laptop while you are installing invoice application.