Convert AVI to DVD

One of the multimedia container formats developed by Microsoft, Audio Video Interleave (also known as AVI) is launched by the computer company in November 1992. This special format was developed to support synchronous streaming of video and audio files and data that feature DVD video format. To help computer users, AVI is also suitable for file extensions created and introduced in February 1996 by Matrox OpenDML.

How do I convert AVI to DVD? Converting Audio Video Interleave format to Digital Video Disc format is very easy. All you have to do is to make sure that the laptop or the PC that you will use has the minimum system requirements and you need to follow the instructions cited below carefully.

Minimum System Requirements

  • A laptop or PC with any of the following operating systems, Microsoft Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • At least 1-gigahertz Intel compatible processor
  • 800×600 32-bit screen resolution
  • 128 megabytes RAM
  • At least 40 megabytes available space on the hard disk
  • Sound card
  • WinAVI Video Converter
  • Dial-up, DSL or Broadband Internet connection


  1. Make sure that the updates related to the operating systems were installed in the computer.
  2. Launch the Internet browser and look for a search engine. Search free download or trial version of WinAVI Video Converter. If there is no available trial version, you need to purchase the software. Make sure that you properly install the software in the computer. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid problems in the installation of the program.
  3. Open the software and type the registration code and name. For better results, you need to run the trial mode of the program.
  4. Select the DVD button at the bottom right portion of the window. Choose the AVI files that will be converted.
  5. Open the file that you like to convert. If you like to add several files in a DVD, just select the plus button. If you like to remove files, just click the minus button.
  6. Check the output directory and select DVD for the output format.
  7. Click “OK” and wait until the conversion is done.
  8. Insert DVD and copy the converted files to the disc. Label the disc and select the burn button at the right portion of the main menu.

Tips and Warnings

  • With the use of any AVI converting software, computer users can convert videos taken from camcorders to DVDs. In addition, users can also merge different videos with a maximum limit of four hours in a single DVD.