Computer Worm Virus

Even if you’re just a casual Internet user, knowing the facts about computer worm viruses is absolutely vital. Not knowing the facts can mean disaster not just for your files, but other users as well.

What are These Programs?

These are just like the software you use, except they are written to cause destruction. There are many different types. Some are called Trojan Horses, worms, malware and many others.

Technically, not all malicious programs are viruses. For the general PC user however, these technicalities are irrelevant. All of these programs can be labeled as malicious and must be avoided. Their methods and ways of entering PCs are different, but their goal is the same: cause destruction and mischief. The basic facts about computer worm viruses are that they can destroy files and must be avoided.

How do They Get into a Computer?

The most common way is through a network like the Internet. If you download a software or game, the malware could be embedded in the files. When the program is installed, the malware might install itself simultaneously.

Another common method is through email. The worm might attach itself to an email. Usually the message will have an enticing header. The user will click it and the program will start to run.

There are now some malware running from Web based scripts. All the user has to do is visit the website. The script will activate itself and self install in the PC. The facts about computer worm viruses show that these are among the most dangerous types around.

What Happens When a Computer is Infected?

The mildest forms will result in irritating popups when you browse the Web. Others will make the icons move across the desktop. The most lethal ones will erase all your files. Others will attack the system memory and BIOS. This will make the OS impossible to boot.

On networks it moves from one computer to another. When a user is online, it will send an email with the malware attached to it. When it is opened, the program infects that computer. On the Internet this kind of infection can result in millions of users being affected. Numerous websites will also shut down. The facts about computer worm viruses will show that it has happened several times already.

How Does One Keep Them Away?

  1. Install antivirus software. After installation, run its update feature. You need to do this as often as possible. By keeping it updated, it will be able to detect the threat immediately.
  2. Always back up your files. If the network has been infected, clean it first before backing up.
  3. Even though email services have virus scanners, run a thorough scan on any attachment you get. If you get an .exe or script attachment from someone you don’t know, delete it. When browsing the Web, keep your antivirus scanner on. This will keep malicious scripts at bay.
  4. By learning the facts about computer worm viruses, you’ll keep your documents safe. Always try to keep your knowledge up to date, and your data will be safe.