Change Password

Anyone who uses the Internet and computers will recognize the need to change passwords. Here are the ways that you can alter them.


  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • Copy of information entered at site / program


For Email Programs

All email services (software or Web based) allow you to change this piece of information. This process itself varies. After logging in, you can go to the “options” or “preferences” section. There you will see a link for altering the data.

What happens next depends on the service. Some will simply require you to enter the old password and then type in the new one. Others may ask you to reenter information you provided when you signed up.

These can include birth dates or answers to questions posted; for example, who is your favorite comic book hero? So when you decide to change passwords, having a copy of the personal info you entered is critical.

For Websites

A lot of websites now require users to create an account before they can participate. Usually you have to enter data like the username and an email address as well. If you need to alter it, you usually have two options. You can look at the interface / control panel and look for the right option. If there is none, you should send an email to the administrator.

For Internet Service Providers

Online service providers offer different methods to change passwords. Some provide the means at their website. Just log in to the website and enter your personal data. Then you can alter the passwords. Other sites require you to notify the administrator by email. Sometimes you will be referred to technical support. It’s probably not required, but having some personal info by your side might come in handy.

For Windows XP

Go to the Start Menu and open the Control Panel. Click the User Accounts. Choose your profile from the list. You will see the dialog box. In the first box, type your original password. On the next two, type the new ones. Now press the “change passwords” button. Close the windows. When you next log in, the changes will take effect.

For Windows Vista

Click Start and head to Control Panel. Go to Family Safety / User Accounts. Note: if you are in Classic mode, just double click the User Accounts.

Go to the “make changes” and you’ll see the appropriate link. Follow the steps you did in Windows XP mentioned earlier.

For Mac OS X

Go to System Preferences. You’ll see four icons. Click “My Account”. You’ll see the “Password” and “Change” buttons. Click “Change”. Type your original password. Two lines will appear. Type the new one there.

Tips and Warnings

  • Your passwords should be altered frequently. This will make it difficult to crack. Also, don’t choose obvious ones like birthdays or your first / last name. An alphanumeric combination is best.
  • Knowing how to change passwords is necessary knowledge. It can spell the difference between keeping your personal info safe and losing it. By knowing how to alter them, your data will be in better shape.