Change Management

One of the most used concepts in information technology, change management is very helpful to organizations that are in search for solutions to problems related to the inefficient functioning of computer systems and infrastructure. The development of this term is usually associated with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (also known as ITIL); however, the concept originated several years before the first version of ITIL was published. To know more about this concept, it is important to have a closer glimpse of the processes related to change management in the context of information technology.


What is change management? Known as a discipline of information technology service management, change management refers to standardized and systematic procedures that are used for proper and efficient handling of changes in computer infrastructure. The procedures are very important to control the configuration management database within training and test environments as well as the live environment.

Change management is usually implemented when problems regarding the information technology infrastructure occur. One of the conflicts that may cause the implementation of change management is legislative changes. The management processes is very useful in minimizing the effects of the problems on the functionality of the entire computer network.


When implementing changes in information technology infrastructure, computer users should have sufficient understanding on the processes in change management. The processes involve changes in hardware, communications software and equipment as well as system software. The processes also include the modifications or alterations in the maintenance and support of live computer infrastructure. To ensure that the processes will be efficiently implemented, it is important to have ideas on the activities associated with filtering changes, managing changes as well as providing management information. In addition to these, the activities should follow the steps important to closing and reviewing of Requests for Change.

Developing an Information Technology Change Management Program

There are important steps that should be followed to develop an information technology change management program. The initial step is to create a Request for Change. This should include the reason for implementing the program. Afterwards, make sure that the change is important to the productivity of a particular business operation. As soon as business alteration acceptance was obtained, conceptualize and start the development of a proposal. Present the change proposal to the Change Advisory Board. When the board approves the proposal, proceed with the implementation of the program. Evaluate the results and assess the limitations of the management program that was implemented.