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Open RAR Files

Most archived files use the zip format but some use other types. For this reason, knowing the techniques for opening RAR files is necessary. System Requirements File compression / extractor software Computer running Windows or Mac Instructions Download the Software: Unlike zip files, neither Windows nor the Mac have built in applets for extracting this compression format. This means you need to download an application that can open it. This isn’t hard to do. A lot of the utilities that can open zip files can handle RAR too, along with other formats. Go to your favorite download sites and choose

Download Unix

There are actually several ways you can now get or download Unix. The following are some of the places where you can obtain them. Search Engines The best place to start looking would be the search engines. They will point you to the most popular sites where you can get these programs. In addition, they’ll also provide links to other useful sites. There you’ll get more information about the operating system. These engines will return thousands of hits, but you can just stick with the first couple of pages. Because the returns are based on hits and relevance, you can

Internet Explorer Script Error

There are many different types of Internet Explorer script error messages. Their causes are almost as numerous. But the following are the most common reasons. Problem with the Script Itself There are different types of scripts being used on the Web. A lot of them are JavaScript, but some are written in Visual Basic or Jscript. Due to their complexity, errors can appear. If they are due to a programming mistake, you can only wait for the webmaster to repair them. Conflicts with Antivirus Software Open your antivirus software and check the configuration. Reconfigure it so that it doesn’t check

Reinstall Internet Explorer

One of the quick fixes you can try when you have problems with Internet explorer is to reinstall the said browser. The steps we have outlined below will guide you through the process to reinstall Internet Explorer. We will also outline options to repair your installation of this browser in case you would like to try that first before doing a reinstall. Download and Reinstall Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 and Later Versions Newer versions of Internet Explorer are released as bugs from previous versions are fixed. This would be the fastest way to reinstall Internet Explorer and

Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

When using Microsoft Outlook, the message Error Number: 0x800CCC0E may appear. There are several possible reasons. These are outlined below along with the possible solutions and workarounds. Conflict with SMTP The most common reason is a conflict between Outlook and the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). You’ll know it is the cause when the error message is accompanied by others. The additional messages may vary. The most common is the one saying the server connection failed. There will also be messages about socket errors and ports. The reason it happens is this: when you log on to MSN, Outlook doesn’t

Convert Word to PDF

A special file format introduced by Adobe, Portable Document Format (also known as PDF) is used by many people to transmit important information and data over the Internet. PDF allows people to feature files in the Internet without modifying the original layout and font. In the past years, computer users need to use Adobe software to create a Portable Document Format file. However, with the development of different computer programs, it is now easy to create the file as well as convert word to Portable Document Format. How do I convert word to PDF? Making a PDF version of a

Runtime Error

There are different reasons why a runtime error message will appear. Usually it will be preceded by a system slowdown. Here are some of the most common reasons and how to overcome them. Requirements CD or DVD (for backing up files) CD or DVD software installer Pen and paper (for noting down error messages) Antivirus software Program Conflicts with TSRs A TSR is a program that resides in memory. Sometimes this can cause a conflict with other running software, even games. Solution: Shut down all running TSR programs. Pres CRTL + ALT + DEL. It will bring up a list

Create Free Invoice

Invoices are very important to enterprises that provide services and merchandises to people. Creating invoices is easy but it is expensive and time consuming. To avoid allotting extra budget for making receipts, there are different ways that you can try to create free invoices. How do I create a free invoice? You can create a free invoice with the use of Microsoft Office. Another efficient and easy way of making a receipt is through the Internet. To avoid having problems, it is advantageous to first consider the minimum system requirements for this task. Minimum System Requirements Laptop or PC with

Create Free Printable Flyer

One of the most popular methods for advertising or marketing products and services is by giving away flyers. Many individuals who want to promote events and services can hand out and mail flyers to prospective clients and consumers since these advertising tools are very cost-efficient. Creating free printable flyers is very easy and simple. With the use of appropriate and effective computer software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw as well as Fireworks, computer users will not have difficulties making printable flyers. Below are the system requirements for the computer programs to be used in making flyers, as well as

Clean Registry

Cleaning the Windows Registry is needed because it can get clogged up. Old files no longer used might be logged in there. If they are not removed, it can affect system performance. Requirements Computer running Windows 9x and up CDs for backing up files Cleaning software (optional) Registry Editor There are two ways to go about this process. You can do it manually with the Registry Editor or use software to automatically remove unneeded parts. Instructions Using the Registry Editor This is the built in editor / cleaner. When you install windows, this program is included. You probably won’t see