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Disable Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as Windows Messenger) can often be distracting in work/school environments. The instructions below will help you disable Windows Live Messenger (by removing the ability to use it, while still having the setup files installed on your computer). System Requirements Windows XP or later Instructions to Disable Windows Live Messenger Launch the Start menu by either pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or clicking on the windows icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Open the “Run…” utility if you are using XP. If you are using Windows Vista/7, use the quick search to

Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

When using Microsoft Outlook, the message Error Number: 0x800CCC0E may appear. There are several possible reasons. These are outlined below along with the possible solutions and workarounds. Conflict with SMTP The most common reason is a conflict between Outlook and the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). You’ll know it is the cause when the error message is accompanied by others. The additional messages may vary. The most common is the one saying the server connection failed. There will also be messages about socket errors and ports. The reason it happens is this: when you log on to MSN, Outlook doesn’t

Reinstall Internet Explorer

One of the quick fixes you can try when you have problems with Internet explorer is to reinstall the said browser. The steps we have outlined below will guide you through the process to reinstall Internet Explorer. We will also outline options to repair your installation of this browser in case you would like to try that first before doing a reinstall. Download and Reinstall Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 and Later Versions Newer versions of Internet Explorer are released as bugs from previous versions are fixed. This would be the fastest way to reinstall Internet Explorer and

Internet Explorer Script Error

There are many different types of Internet Explorer script error messages. Their causes are almost as numerous. But the following are the most common reasons. Problem with the Script Itself There are different types of scripts being used on the Web. A lot of them are JavaScript, but some are written in Visual Basic or Jscript. Due to their complexity, errors can appear. If they are due to a programming mistake, you can only wait for the webmaster to repair them. Conflicts with Antivirus Software Open your antivirus software and check the configuration. Reconfigure it so that it doesn’t check

Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger (pre-installed with Vista), formerly titled Windows Messenger (packaged with XP), is an annoying piece of MSN software – and because it’s pre-installed with Windows, it is not very easy to uninstall (without direction). Follow the instructions below to uninstall Windows Live Messenger. System Requirements Windows XP or later Instructions to Uninstall Windows Live Messenger Open the start menu (either by using your cursor, or pressing the Windows button on your keyboard). Click “Run…” if you are using XP. If you are using Vista, type “Run” into the Start Search box, and open “Run”. In the “Open” textbox,

Convert Word to PDF

A special file format introduced by Adobe, Portable Document Format (also known as PDF) is used by many people to transmit important information and data over the Internet. PDF allows people to feature files in the Internet without modifying the original layout and font. In the past years, computer users need to use Adobe software to create a Portable Document Format file. However, with the development of different computer programs, it is now easy to create the file as well as convert word to Portable Document Format. How do I convert word to PDF? Making a PDF version of a

Send Fax via Outlook Express

Also known as facsimile, fax is a telecommunications device that can be used to send and receive documents to other people. Sending fax messages is one of the most efficient and common methods that enterprises use to communicate with their supplies and clients. This method is done with the use of an efficient telephone network. Aside from sending documents, it can also be used to make copies of printed documents. How do I send a fax via Outlook Express? To save money that companies allot for purchasing fax machines, enterprises can now send fax messages with the use of the

Download Unix

There are actually several ways you can now get or download Unix. The following are some of the places where you can obtain them. Search Engines The best place to start looking would be the search engines. They will point you to the most popular sites where you can get these programs. In addition, they’ll also provide links to other useful sites. There you’ll get more information about the operating system. These engines will return thousands of hits, but you can just stick with the first couple of pages. Because the returns are based on hits and relevance, you can

Runtime Error

There are different reasons why a runtime error message will appear. Usually it will be preceded by a system slowdown. Here are some of the most common reasons and how to overcome them. Requirements CD or DVD (for backing up files) CD or DVD software installer Pen and paper (for noting down error messages) Antivirus software Program Conflicts with TSRs A TSR is a program that resides in memory. Sometimes this can cause a conflict with other running software, even games. Solution: Shut down all running TSR programs. Pres CRTL + ALT + DEL. It will bring up a list

Active Directory

One of the most helpful computer software developed by Microsoft, Active Directory (also known as NT Directory Service) offers various services that are important to data management and data security. This software was introduced in 1999 and was launched with Windows 2000 Server program. To improve the functionalities of this computer tool, Microsoft introduced the revised version of the directory with the launch of Windows Server 2003. Additional developments in the program were developed and introduced in Windows Server 2008 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2. To learn more about this program, let us have a closer glance at