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Storage Area Network

A highly efficient computer network that is very effective in data management, a storage area network (also known as SAN) is widely used architecture in large companies and institutions. This computer system is very reliable and efficient in monitoring the operations and activities of corporations, but some firms do not employ the network because it is expensive. Companies that use this network commonly implement the Small Computer System Interface or SCSI protocol to establish connection between disk drive devices as well as servers. The protocol is very useful in forming any network like Fibre Channel over Ethernet and HyperSCSI. To

Burn DVD

Before you start to understand how to burn DVDs, you’ll need to have the right paraphernalia. Make sure you have the following equipment first. Requirements DVD disc DVD drive Computer DVD burning software Instructions Check the Software System Requirements: There are plenty of burning software available online and in stores. Before you buy one, check its system requirements. These vary but in general you need at least 128 MB of RAM, a fast CPU (at least Pentium 4) and 100 MB of free space. Make sure that its operating system is compatible with yours. Download and Install the Software: To