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Change AOL Password

America Online (also known as AOL) is one of the websites that offer free email messaging services to computer users. To prevent the occurrence of security breach, this site allows people to assign a password for their email account. To secure the identity of people who have email accounts at AOL, the website encourages them to change their passwords regularly. How can I change my AOL password? Changing your password at America Online is very easy. The steps are simple and you will not spend much time in assigning a new password for your email account. However, to prevent experiencing

Unblock Websites

Some enterprises and schools block websites or restrict sites to keep the focus of employees and students on their works and lessons. Even if computer administrators use sophisticated ways to restrict some web pages, there are still effective methods that people can use to unblock the sites. However, before proceeding with the methods, it is important to make sure that the computer that will be used in the process has all the system requirements. How do I unblock websites? There are two popular ways that you can use to unlock sites. One is by using the Internet Explorer and the

Unlock MySpace

One of the most visited, inviting and popular social networking sites today, MySpace allows people to keep in touch with their distant friends and relatives. Because of the popularity of this site, many young people and professionals are hooked with the special features and services available at MySpace. To keep the focus of employees and students on their works and studies, most companies and students block this site. How can I unlock MySpace? There are different ways of unlocking MySpace. Before exploring the various methods of unblocking the website, it is necessary that computer users know the minimum system requirements

Trojan Horse Virus

Knowing what a Trojan Horse virus is needs to be learned by all computer users. It can spell the difference between keeping your data safe or losing it all. What it Does For starters, the name is actually a misnomer since it is not actually a virus. It is a malware. When installed it a computer, it appears harmless. It might even appear to be doing something helpful. But in truth the malware has hidden codes. These are programmed by its author and are activated at a predetermined date. When it kicks in, the author will gain access to your

Yahoo Anti-Spyware

The Yahoo Anti Spyware is part of the Yahoo Toolbar and it can be a very useful tool for removing dangerous programs. It doesn’t cost a thing, making it one of the best options for users looking for free software to fight off adware and spyware. What is Spyware? Technically it’s not a virus; it’s a program used to detect the browsing habits of a user. It’s become synonymous with adware. However, some versions have been known to hog system resources. This can lead to lower system performance. In addition, the spyware can retrieve other personal information on your hard

Remove Keylogger

A keylogger is one of the most dangerous and harmful programs that can be loaded into your PC or laptop. Computer experts refer to this program as monitoring spyware, which has the capacity to record all the personal information and data stored in your computer. This is very dangerous because it is invisible and it can run silently so you will not have idea that the PC has a keylogger. To make sure that your computer is safe from this program, it is important to know the effective way of detecting as well as eliminating the spyware. How do I

Change Password

Anyone who uses the Internet and computers will recognize the need to change passwords. Here are the ways that you can alter them. Requirements Internet connection Computer Copy of information entered at site / program Instructions For Email Programs All email services (software or Web based) allow you to change this piece of information. This process itself varies. After logging in, you can go to the “options” or “preferences” section. There you will see a link for altering the data. What happens next depends on the service. Some will simply require you to enter the old password and then type

Forgot Linksys Router Password

There are several things you can do to recover and manage LinkSys router passwords. Even if you think you have the password in hand, it pays to know the following information. Reset the System If you can’t find or remember the password, it’s best if you just reset everything. All you need to do is press the reset button. Hold it for 90 seconds or so. Let the button go. This should allow you to reconfigure the system. If the system does not reset, press the button again. Hold it down for a couple of minutes and release. Check the

Computer Worm Virus

Even if you’re just a casual Internet user, knowing the facts about computer worm viruses is absolutely vital. Not knowing the facts can mean disaster not just for your files, but other users as well. What are These Programs? These are just like the software you use, except they are written to cause destruction. There are many different types. Some are called Trojan Horses, worms, malware and many others. Technically, not all malicious programs are viruses. For the general PC user however, these technicalities are irrelevant. All of these programs can be labeled as malicious and must be avoided. Their


One of the important parts of a computer network, a firewall is necessary to prevent the unauthorized access to the system. Implementing a firewall is significant to avoid security breach as well as to prevent data corruption that is usually caused by accessing harmful sites. Aside from these, it is also important to filter messages in intranets. To extend our understanding on this special and useful computer architecture, it is best to have a closer look at the functions of this appliance as well as the different kinds of firewall techniques that can be used to enhance the security features