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OSI Model

The Open Systems Interconnection Model (i.e. OSI Model) is a standard reference model for connecting computers on a network. It divides network protocol design and communications into seven different layers. Each layer in the model is designed to provide services to the layer above it. However perfect the OSI Model seems, it has been questioned and compared with other existing models. Looking into the OSI Model Since each layer in this model serves a purpose for the layer above it, it would be interesting how each layer interacts with the next one in the upper tier. Here are the seven

Clear ARP Cache

Address Resolution Protocol (also known as ARP) is one of the effective ways for searching the address of a host’s hardware. This is commonly applied by computer users who only see the Network Layer and Internet Layer address of the host. Some computer experts refer to ARP as Internet Standard STD 37 as defined in Request for Comments 826. This method is implemented in different types of computer networks like the Internet as well as Ethernet. How do I clear the ARP cache? It is important to clear the cache because it can affect the functions of Microsoft Windows as

Setting Up Home Wireless Network

Home wireless networks have a vast array of benefits: you can share files between computers and with your family members, share printers throughout your house, and best of all – browse the internet whether you’re laying in your bed or sitting out in the backyard. Many internet users enjoy the extreme freedom that a home wireless network provides, as well as the convenience. However, it may seem extremely difficult to get such a project underway… The first and most important part of the process is choosing the proper equipment. There are a number of different wireless types: 802.11a, 802.11b and

You might have called your ISP’s tech support and got help over the phone at one time or another. If you have done this a few times, one time or another they would have open a command prompt and type a series of numbers like After which you’ll find a bunch of results, which most likely you wouldn’t have understood then since your mind was on your Internet connection and not on the troubleshooting being done. We will define what is in the discussion below. We will also go over some computer networking basics so that beginners may

Even a casual computer user will come across at some point. For the typical user, knowing something about it may prove helpful. For network administrators, comprehension is a must. Basic Definition and Function This IP address is set right after Along with a few others, it is recognized as a private type. There are several elements that distinguish it from the other addresses. Its most obvious characteristic is that it is being used by several companies. Its main function is to facilitate the use of the broadband router. The Broadband Router The broadband router has many uses. It

Make WordPress Theme

The overall appearance of your blog is determined by WordPress themes. There are hundreds of themes available on the internet, but making your own WordPress theme indicates creativity as well as professionalism. However, one should have the basic knowledge about HTML and CSS before starting on this project (WordPress themes). If you show a little dedication towards learning this, you can also make a unique WordPress theme for your website or blog. Here are the steps involved in making a WordPress theme. Plan and prepare the design that you want to see on your blog. Make a physical copy or

Flush DNS

The DNS, which is short for Domain Name Server, is responsible for resolving domain names into specific IP addresses. This simply means that a DNS translates the URLs you type on your address bar into an IP address to actually access the site/information you’re looking for. However, there are times when one computer can’t access the same web page or site that another computer on the same network can. So, for instance you can’t open a page on the Internet on your computer but your brother has no problem opening it on his then the issue isn’t about the site.

Create MySpace Layout

MySpace is one of the most visited, popular and interesting social networking sites today. This site allows people to stay in touch with their long-time friends. In addition to this, computer users can post their latest photos at this website. Because of the special features of the website, many people became interested in creating accounts at MySpace. How do I create my own MySpace layout? To create a layout for your MySpace account, the computer system to be used should have the minimum system requirements. Discussed below are the simple steps to follow if you want to make your own

Install Active-X

It’s important that you install ActiveX in your computer. These are programming tools that allow you to see and use various Web functions like forms, chatting and videos. Requirements An Internet connection A Web browser Computer running Windows 9x or higher Instructions Adding the Components with Internet Explorer If you use Internet Explorer, follow these instructions. It applies to most versions of the browser too. As stated you need to have Windows installed. If not, refer to your User Guide for installing the operating system in your computer. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements too. Most of the time,

Wi-Fi Software Tools

A trademark that refers to certified products that are developed by Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi is also a term that is used by computer users to refer to wireless LAN. The products are supported by numerous game consoles, smartphones, printers, laptops as well as personal computer operating systems. To enhance the use of these products, the company launched various software tools that are compatible with Wi-Fi. What are Wi-Fi software tools? These tools are very useful in establishing fast and efficient connection to the Internet. Aside from these, Wi-Fi software tools are helpful in wireless network mapping, wireless network traffic assessment,