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Setup Skype

How do I set up Skype? One of the most used computer programs for Voice over Internet Protocol features, Skype is a very helpful tool that users can try to call and communicate with their loved ones in other countries free. To set up Skype, the computer that will be used should have all the minimum system requirements because these are important to the efficient functioning of the program. Below are the steps and instructions that you can follow to easily set up Skype. System Requirements for Version 1.2 A computer system that features the operating systems Windows 2000 or

Cell Phone Signal Booster

There are a lot of people asking “do cell phone signal boosters work?” The quick answer is yes, most of them do improve signals. But there’s more to it than that. You need to assess your own requirements first. This makes it easier to decide if you actually need such a product. Do You Really Need it? If you read product reviews you’ll see that a lot of these devices work. But keep in mind that these were tested in “special” circumstances. That is, they assumed the cell phone user goes through low quality or dead zones a lot. If

Unlock Phone

It used to be a problem in the past but now, trying to unlock a phone has become much simpler. Here are some of the most popular options. System Requirements Cell phone Internet connection Info about where it is locked (i.e., the country or region) The mobile number of the phone The serial / IMEI number (To get this number type “#06#”. The figures you see are the serial number.) Instructions Method 1: Contact an Unlocking Service Firm There are several companies that perform this service. They usually charge a fee so do some price comparisons first. Provide them with

Install Telephone Wiring

Having knowledge on the proper installation of telephone wiring in your homes and offices is important to save money and to ensure the safety of your family and colleagues. Installing the wiring is not difficult and complex. However, it is necessary that you allot time to do this task efficiently and successfully. How do I install telephone wiring? The steps in the installation of the wiring are simple and are very easy to understand. It is also important that you prepare all the important materials that you will need for this task beforehand. Discussed below are the instructions that you

Free VoIP

The concept of free VoIP is still a matter of debate. Some believe that there is no such thing, and others hold that it is a fact. To understand the facts, you need to have the following equipment. Requirements Computer Broadband Internet access Telephone Communications software Method 1: PC to PC The PC to PC communication is the best example of a no charge Internet program. There are applications now available that allow you to do this. The process is simple. You go to the website and download the software. Next you install it and log on to their network.


Considered as one of the latest advancements related to the use of computer networks, Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as VoIP) has been a helpful tool in improving digital communication. Other terms that are used by computer users to refer to VOIP are broadband telephony, voice over broadband, IP telephony and Internet telephony. These systems feature session control protocols to manage the calls efficiently. When it comes to encoding the speech as an audio stream and a digital audio, Voice over Internet Protocol uses audio codecs. To know more about VoIP, let us look at the benefits from using