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Play WMV Files

One of the type of files developed by Microsoft that provide synchronous audio and video, Windows Media Video (also known as WMV) is a compressed format that is very easy to play. This format is created and launched by the company to enhance media streaming and broadcasting applications that are suitable for the Internet. Because of the support given by the Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers, WMV was adapted for different physical-delivery programs like Blu Ray Disc and HD DVD. How do I play WMV files? There are some important steps that you need to follow in order

Free To Air Channels

The free to air channels are those which you can watch with the right receivers and equipment. Before you can get them to work, you need to know something about FTA receivers. FTA Receivers These are the utilities that relay the signals back to your TV. It works in the following way. The FTA satellites store the data. In turn the receivers are able to tune in and relay the data signal. These are not encrypted like other satellites. Instead they use a video codec, usually MPEG 2. Once the information has been detected, the receiver will transmit the signal.


One of the most used and famous media conversion processes is the conversion of AVI files to WMV. Both these formats were developed and introduced by Microsoft Corp. in the mid 1990s. Because these computer applications were launched by the same company, it is easy for people to convert Audio Video Interleave files to Windows Media Video files. To make sure that you do the conversion processes successfully, it is best to first check if the computer or laptop that you will use features the minimum system requirements. How do I convert AVI to WMV? The conversion process is simple

Convert Audio Tape to MP3

MP3 is one of the audio formats that are used by people to store music in their laptops or music players. This format is also used to save numerous songs in a CD. Because of the utility of this format, many computer users have the interest to convert other audio media to MP3. One of the media that some people like to convert to MP3 is audio tape. How do I convert audio tape to MP3? The steps in the conversion of audio tape to the new format are easy to follow. However, to avoid having problems, it is important

TV Online

The development of the Internet has open new opportunities to computer users. With the use of the Internet, people do not have to allot additional budget for viewing special television programs because some websites allow them to see these TV shows for free. The Internet also allows individuals to watch television programs that are featured in other countries. Above all, people who are busy with their jobs can still view their favorite noontime television shows when they get home at night. How can I watch TV online? To watch television programs over the Internet, it is best that the computer

FTA Receiver

The growing appetite for more diverse TV channels has given rise to the FTA receivers. If you’re still unsure of what it is, here are the fundamental things you need to know about it. How the Devices Work These gadgets are used to get data emanating from the FTA satellites. Unlike other systems, the info stored in the satellite is not encrypted. Many formats are used, but the most popular is MPEG – 2. Obviously, getting the data is not enough. The device must read the MPEG format correctly. For this reason, the apparatus makes use of a video codec

Convert MP4 to MP3

One of the most used multimedia formats, Moving Picture Expert Group-4 (also known as MP4) provides computer users with good quality broadcast media. This computer program was launched in 1999 and since then, many people use MP4 in different Internet streaming applications. This program is also useful in viewing files on advanced mobile phones. However, if you think that the program consumes a lot of space of your computer or cellular phone, then it is best that you convert MP4 to MP3. How do I convert MP4 to MP3? MP3 is a smaller audio format that can be used by

FLAC Converter

Audio files come in different formats and each format has its own compression and playback. We all know that not all audio devices are capable of playing all types of audio format. Here is where a converter like the FLAC converter takes place. With the use of a converter, users were able to change an audio file’s format into a type suitable for his or her device without the file data being corrupted or lost. Let us all together know what an FLAC file is and what an FLAC converter is. In addition, we will also be listing few of

Convert AVI to DVD

One of the multimedia container formats developed by Microsoft, Audio Video Interleave (also known as AVI) is launched by the computer company in November 1992. This special format was developed to support synchronous streaming of video and audio files and data that feature DVD video format. To help computer users, AVI is also suitable for file extensions created and introduced in February 1996 by Matrox OpenDML. How do I convert AVI to DVD? Converting Audio Video Interleave format to Digital Video Disc format is very easy. All you have to do is to make sure that the laptop or the

No Audio Device

You don’t have to take the computer to the shop when you see the “no audio device error” message. Here are some suggestions and solutions you can try first. First, an overview of the basic facts: this error message refers to the lack of sound from your external hardware or sound device. There may still be some sounds from the internal speaker. Modify the BIOS Settings Reboot your system and enter the BIOS setup program. Usually you have to press a function key to enter it. Refer to your user guide to know the right key to use. Go through