A casual computer user may not see the need to understand things like But if you use broadband routers, knowing these facts may be crucial particularly when it comes to troubleshooting.

The Role of the IP Address

All computers have IP addresses. These are used by networks or servers to identify it. This particular address is categorized as an IPv4 private line. This private line is currently being used by Belkin for their broadband routers. When you check the home page for the router, it’s the default IP address installed.

How it Works for Routers and Networks

Because it is the default address in the router, it’s become the standard by which data is processed. The address works with the routers and networks in complex ways.

A simple way to describe it would be that it holds data. For example, information is requested from the Web. When the request is sent, this IP address works with the nodes to facilitate the action. The Network Address Translator helps it make sense of the information being processed.

This is only aspect. The broadband routers are also utilized for stabilizing online connections. In multiplayer games and other network functions, it is used for processing the information bits.

Changing the Settings

It’s easy enough to change the password or username. Just log in to the home page and make the alterations (the address is if you haven’t changed it). Aside from user accounts, it’s also possible to change several other functions. If you’re on a network, you can also modify the modem, DSL and other communications settings.


There are a few problems that you might run into. If you run LinkSys and forget the password, you can reset the broadband router by resetting the button. If there is a problem with connections, go to My Network Places. Go over the properties in the LAN or TCP/IP. These are the places to check if you have problems with your connections.

Other problems can be attributed to firewalls. The actions of and the router / network can be affected by the firewalls. If you’re a user, consult the administrator before attempting to turn it off.


  • Always have the installation disk with you at all times. Some problems can only be resolved by reinstalling everything. For this reason, you should make it a point to have the disk, manuals etc with you.
  • Take the time to study broadband routers if you’re going to use them. You can’t just expect things to work out properly all the time. Even if you follow all the directions, problems can happen. If you know how it works, you won’t have to call technical support. At the very least you can be of help to them too.
  • If you don’t know how to fix the problem though, don’t force the situation. Tinkering with controls you don’t know how to use can be dangerous.
  • It’s not easy to learn all the facts about But the knowledge can pay off when some problem comes up.