All computers have a specific IP address. The is one of them and is set between the and lines.


This IP address is the one being used by the LinkSys broadband router. It is an IPv4 and is classified as private. It is very similar to other private addresses. Although it is used by LinkSys, it can also be utilized by other computers on a network.


If you are going to use another computer or node with this IP address you should make sure that only one avails of it. The address can only be utilized by one computer. If you set two computers with this address it can lead to problems and conflicts.

If you are running a network, this setting must be changed by the administrator or other qualified personnel.


While only one computer can use this IP address, it can be harnessed in different networks. This makes it very attractive to use on networks. Keep in mind though that it cannot be used on the Net without the NAT. This is the Network Address Translation. When using this utility it becomes easier to manage the router.

Broadband Routers

A lot of the information about this IP address can be found in user guides for broadband routers. These routers are not just applicable in networks. They are also used in games as well. It is also used by DSL and cable connections. Using this address it becomes easier for the network to manage the data flow.

Again the can be altered by the user. Most of the time, it will just require getting to the web browser and providing the correct information.


Repeat passing is possible with this address. This feature, combined with its ability for use on multiple networks, make it an attractive choice for most systems. Aside from being a router, it can also act as a gateway.

This function allows it to facilitate the flow of information more easily. Ordinary users probably don’t have to worry about the gateway function at all. It can be looked at as a turnpike whereby the data flow is represented by the rushing traffic.


If there are problems in the router or network, the can be a good place to look for answers. Start by going to the main controls. By logging in you can access its many controls. Among them are the username / password and network components.

You can adjust various settings here. Among them are the DCP and local / wide area networks. The modem and other communication facilities are also included here. If you are having trouble with some controls, this is the place you can look for answers.

Owing to its complexity, the functions here should be left to experts. The system administrator and qualified people should handle and oversee these controls.

The IP address does its job without fuss. Most of the time you wouldn’t even be aware of it. But it’s good to know its functions in case something does happen.