Even a casual computer user will come across at some point. For the typical user, knowing something about it may prove helpful. For network administrators, comprehension is a must.

Basic Definition and Function

This IP address is set right after Along with a few others, it is recognized as a private type. There are several elements that distinguish it from the other addresses. Its most obvious characteristic is that it is being used by several companies. Its main function is to facilitate the use of the broadband router.

The Broadband Router

The broadband router has many uses. It plays a vital role in making home network be more accessible. At the same time the enables broadband or cable connections. Other components of the router make it critical for online games, using cable modems and other similar communication devices.


There are several reasons why this IP address is used. One of them is that it removes a lot of the hassle of assembling various components. By using this address, there’s no longer any need to install separate DHCP servers. The need to install numerous other switches is also removed. With the router using this address, the router will be sufficient to perform all tasks.

Part of the flexibility is that it can be changed easily. For a system administrator, it’s just a matter of changing the address at the default Web browser.


A lot of potential problems can be avoided if a few basic things are kept in mind. First, a solitary device can be attached to it. If another one is used with the same address, it can adversely affect the entire system. Depending on the network system, there may be other components that should be added.

If you’re the network administrator, check with the right personnel. If you’re setting up the router, read the user guide. In any case, make sure that setup and use is restricted to the right personnel.

Another reason to restrict access is that it is where usernames and passwords are changed. As an administrator, keep the system under control by keeping access limited to only the proper people.

Other Facts

Here are a few other facts about While attachment is limited to one device, it can be passed often. This means it can be used on several networks. This feature makes it very attractive for use with multiple LANs (local area network). The IP address also makes for a good gateway.

The gateway allows subnets to exchange information with one another. These can exist in either networks or Internet connections. The best way to visualize this is to imagine a highway where information goes through. The gateway is where the information travels.

When you set the network up, you can also use the IP address to assess the DHCP settings. Most would look at this spot first if there’s suspicion of hacking. Modifying modem settings is also done here.

There are many other functions of As an administrator, the more familiar you are with it the easier it will be to manage your network.